Leasing Out Your Furnished Condo through a Management Company

Leasing an unfurnished condo can be fairly simple, but in this age of declining property value it can be tough to rent an unfurnished suite [more…]

Tips on Buying a Florida Condo / Vacation Home

Here’s are some pointers you might find useful if you want your own place in Florida the Sunshine State. 1. Determine if you want to [more…]

Selling your condo – it’s not like selling a house

Selling your condo is different from selling a house for one major reason:  you are not in control. You must rely on others, including [more…]

Tips On Buying A Vacation Home

1. Many speculators are out of the market so the market has been a bit more stable lately. Vacation home/investment home sales accounted for up to [more…]

6 tips for Buying a Condo from Plans

The developer’s model condominium suite charms you with stone countertops, fancy wood flooring and sexy appliances. But beware: It’s not necessarily what you’re going [more…]

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